Shabbat Shalom,

In this weekʼs Parshat Vayikra we leave Exodus and welcome in Leviticus. In Leviticus God tells Moses how the priests are going to follow the laws.

This week we find out about the five different kinds of sacrifices for accidental sins. An accidental sin is when we are careless or insensitive in the way we treat each other.

After the destruction of the second temple, there was no central place or priests to bring your offerings or sacrifices to. The rabbis had to grapple with how can the jewish peo- ple show God that we not only understand that we have sinned to God but to each other as well.

The answer – prayer.

The rabbis realized that we have to take responsibility for our own behavior whether good or bad. We must acknowledge our sins, then accept responsibility. Since we all have a direct relationship with God it is our responsibility to ask God for forgiveness.

So, do we say our prayers three times a day and call it even? No, itʼs not quite that easy. The rabbis require us to commit to Tikkun Olam (repair of our world).

Just writing a check for charity and going to Temple, just wonʼt cut it. We have to apolo- gize to and make it good those we hurt via our actions and words.

Itʼs our responsibility to make the world a better place.

Shabbat Shalom

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