Shabbat Shalom,
The advance team found themselves deep into the unknown territory. They were the chosen dozen, the best of the best and it was their job to scout and report.
They found a rich and abundant land, water as clear and fresh as they could imagine, but a nagging feeling came over the group. One after the other, they looked at each other and couldnʼt put their finger on it but something was wrong.
Farther and farther they ventured until there it was. An obstacle so big and so overwhelming ten of the twelve brave men gave up in despair.
Only two of the team could even imagine going on, they had to convince the others it was worth even trying. They tried to go around with no luck. They tried to go over with no luck. Could they force their way through? No, force would not work either.
Hundreds of thousands of people counted on their success. Failure was not an option.
The elite team started to loose faith in their mission and as the time went by the obsta- cle became bigger and success seemed slimmer. Their imaginations started to run wild and they encountered giants.
As their despair grew so did the obstacle right in front of them.
Finally the team started to withdraw into themselves. A battle started to dwell within each of the team members. As each person fought with their own demons and concerns the outside obstacle started to subside.
As each team member gained control or perspective of themselves it became obvious to the team that they not only could proceed but conquer the obstacle in front of them.
Once each team member looked into themselves and found and made peace inside themselves the obstacle all but faded away leaving only that tingling sensation tugging at the back of each team members mind.
Did God really need the elite twelve to scout out the land of Canaan? Why didnʼt God just give the Children of Israel the land? Why make them wait another whole generation?
Difficult questions and a very simple answer.
God wants us, no God requires us to think for ourselves. We are not mindless pawns. We have to feed ourselves physically and spiritually. We cannot depend on someone else to tend to all our needs.
Just like the Children of Israel wandering in the desert for generations we have to choose responsible leaders. We have to think for ourselves and make our own decisions.
Then we will be worthy of what God has given us. Shabbat Shalom

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